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Forerunner Technologies values our client’s satisfaction with our products and services. Industry leaders in service believe treating customers the way you want to be treated is the foundation for loyalty. To obtain our NPS score, we use an outside consultant firm to ensure that we receive an unbiased perspective of how we are serving our client’s everyday needs. Learn More



Here is what some of our 7000+ clients have to say.

Forerunner Technologies does an excellent job, are always punctual, and employ the certified staff with the skills to complete a task in a timely fashion.Sam Cooks, Chief HIPPA Officer/AVP, Information Technology, St Barnabas Hospital
The DOE has continuously been in contract with Forerunner (formerly Teltronics) for over 10 years. In that time Forerunner has complied with contractual terms and conditions, often exceeding those T&C’s. The DOE recognizes Forerunner as a business partner that has provided better than average service to the New York City public schools.

Mark M. Spencer, Senior Director, Division of Instructional & Information Technology
Working with Forerunner has been nothing less than great. The service is excellent and the tech support is next to none. It exemplifies the value of a relationship.

I would not hesitate to recommended Forerunner to those business associates that are outside my area (Forerunner is so good that they will create tough competition).John H. Cratin, President, Cratin Computing Co., Inc.

Forerunner Technologies Inc. has the ability to meet the deadlines without compromising with the quality of work. I firmly believe that Forerunner Technologies Inc. will prove an asset for your organization. Their skills and productive ideas will surely contribute to your organization.

Captain Christopher S. Smith, Technical Service Unit Commander Westchester County Dept. of Correction
Forerunner has been supplying Midwest Tele-Comp Inc. Allworx Equipment and Outstanding Service since we picked up the Allworx line. Always received products on time when placing orders and their service is outstanding. Mike Viola is by far the best when trouble shooting any application problem.

If they had not performed as they have been, I would have been looking elsewhere like any other customer. My level of satisfaction keeps me from even looking at anyone else.

The Service is bar none and always help when I am in a pinch, and returns calls. Forerunner puts forth the SERV in Service.

When asked if he would recommend Forerunner to business colleagues, “Yes and I have and will continue to, when you have something this good you don’t give it up.”Mike Derby, Owner, Midwest Tele-Comp Inc.

Forerunner has helped me achieve my business goals by always having the equipment and expertise that I need to sustain the outdated telephone systems that we are currently using. Until we get funding to move to VoIP for the entire enterprise,I have been tasked to keep our older equipment running and I have been able to do so with the help of Forerunner.

My level of satisfaction with them is above expectations. They are always there for me and they feel my urgency when I need parts quickly. Chris has no qualms with over-nighting me parts without a PO. Forerunner is a great asset to Fordham University.

The service I receive from Forerunner is unparalleled from sales to support. Whenever I need a quote from Chris Caffera the turnaround is usually within the hour because he realizes the predicament we are faced with on a daily basis in keeping our older equipment operational. He always has suggestions on ways to improve our systems and is a delight to work with.

I would highly recommend them to my business colleagues.Judith A. Aquino, Fordham University, Assistant Telecom Manager

Forerunner is an Allworx distributor and has worked closely with our staff to develop the market for our products. They have assisted us through their strong support of the product; through their technical expertise in dealing with the reseller channel partners; by participating in Allworx sales promotions and marketing programs; and through their overall concentration and knowledge of how to market technology products.

We are very pleased to have Forerunner as a business partner. Together we have enjoyed steady growth of the business and we look forward to continuing to grow our mutual business together.

Forerunner is a stocking distributor for Allworx. They stock the product for our reseller base and insure that customers get access to product on a timely and consistent basis. They also provide a level of technical support and are available to Allworx resellers to assist with proposals and to provide other related products to the customer.Tom Elliott, Allworx, Director of Business Development

Forerunner has provided remote and on-site technical support for the North Okaloosa Medical Center. They have provided technical support several times after lighting strikes, to get the system back operational, which is very critical for a medical center. They responded and got the system operational and worked out the details later. NO red tape NO excuses.

Several times the system has been completely down, and several times partially down, they have responded with tech support and recommend cards were shipped overnight to meet the tech on-site.

When asked about the level of satisfaction they have in doing business with Forerunner – their response was “100% satisfaction”.John Nelson, North Okaloosa Medical Center, Communications