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Delaware Valley Intelligence Center

Technology today can provide highly detailed data from multiple sources, but bringing all of this data together into a comprehensive Command Center for use in security and justice is a significant challenge.

The Challenge

The city of Philadelphia has some 2,500 cameras located throughout the jurisdiction. There are also Department of Transportation highway cameras and FBI gunshot detection cameras in high-security areas, among other detection and surveillance tools.

Monitoring this activity, capturing the data and video, and maintaining a compliant chain of command requires robust and reliable software and sophisticated integration.

The Solution

By bringing all the resources together in one location, Forerunner Technologies created a Command Center that acts as a centralized hub for crime detection and investigation. Analysts can now monitor activity and get warnings as situations develop from a wide variety of sources. They can also capture and store footage to later use as digital evidence.

The Result

The Command Center allows for rapid on-scene monitoring of locations before police arrive on the scene. Analysts can zoom in on specific areas, looking for evidence of criminal or gang-related activity. They can scan license plate numbers and monitor for known criminal associates. In many cases, analysts get to know their communities exceptionally well, so they can anticipate and quickly identify incidents and people.

This provides better intel for safety forces as they arrive.

Not only can analysts monitor results, but they can also play an instrumental role in gathering evidence and building the chain of custody necessary to get a search warrant or present it as evidence. Often, analysts help build the case and identify locations where individuals are to serve warrants. The result is a virtual digital evidence locker that lets you securely store and back up information from all these disparate sources.

This digital evidence locker also makes it easier to search for relevant video evidence to support cases or disprove public safety complaints.

What I love about Forerunner is that I have been assigned a team of individuals that I know, not only by name, but some in-person.  This team is very easy to work with and compassionate about the service they provide.  My assigned Forerunner team is 100% committed to ensuring that our needs are met in a professional and timely manner. We greatly appreciate you and look forward to continuing to work with you.

Beverly Reynolds System Manager, Talladega County Commission

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Trusted by over 10,000 clients

Forerunner Technologies, Inc. has been a valuable partner of the Center for Family Justice for over six years.  Before Forerunner, we just had a phone system.  Now, we have a powerful communication platform that allows us to deliver our mission from anywhere.  They have also helped design and install security camera solutions for each of our locations allowing us to help maintain a safer environment.  Forerunner takes the time to understand a customer’s business needs to design reliable and scalable communications and security systems that rivals any competitor’s products!  Their sales team is incredible to work with and their tech support is second to none.  With Forerunner on your side, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing that critical systems are in excellent hands. 

Paul Santos Chief Information and Operations Officer, The Center for Family Justice, Inc.

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