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Engagement Overview

Quality of Life Health Services

Forerunner worked with an Alabama-based SMB in the healthcare vertical. They run a system of federally qualified community health centers to provide healthcare support and services to underprivileged communities in the rural parts of Alabama. This client had experienced a series of unpleasant experiences with their previous service provider and other technical integrations. Forerunner provided a white-glove service to this client to change their initially bitter experience with cloud services and providers.

The Challenge

The technicians at Forerunner Technologies uncovered that the healthcare SMB was utterly dissatisfied with their existing cloud provider and their insignificant level of support. The provider prescribed constant integrations and unnecessary features for the client and out of their budget spectrum. These integrations were also time-consuming and, at times, futile. Forerunner’s job was to work with the SMB to determine the required technological integrations and improvements and to enhance their communication channels. 

The Solution

The healthcare service provider had 450 users, spanned across 22 locations, and a physical contact center. Our team visited their site to make a complete evaluation of existing IT resources. The assessments aimed to identify deployments and develop a strategic plan and a definite time frame alongside the customer. In addition, the team made sure to implement only the most practical and scalable solutions in a streamlined way while causing minimal disruption. 

The Result

Forerunner Technologies provided the necessary support for existing equipment while simultaneously studying the environment for conducive integrations. We could connect their remotely located communication channels with the required integrations and sheer efforts. Much of this was possible because of the 100% support from our local technicians and staff. The organization’s IT director was satisfied with our services and claimed this to be the smoothest integration experience. One of the key objectives was to work in a way that asserts what we do is a true partnership and not a product. 

I have been using Forerunner for support of our phone systems for about six years now.  During those six years, we have had to contact Forerunner many times to include after hours.  All of the folks we have worked with have been very helpful, knowledgeable, resourceful and courteous.  We have never had any issues receiving timely service or parts.  In times of emergency, your support staff has been willing to hop on a call, bring us parts we need and get them installed to get us back up quickly.  Support as good as yours is very hard to find and we are so pleased we have Forerunner to help us.

William R. Dehne Chief HIPPA Officer/AVP, Director of Information Technology, Lincoln Health System

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The best service and attention

In today’s demanding world, Forerunner Technologies, Inc. has continued to provide the best service and attention that a client could ask for. 

Anthony Diana Technical Supervisor, St. Joseph University Medical Center

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