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The evolution of voice systems such as PBX, ACD, Voice Messaging, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), etc. has been characterized by an openness to interaction with the larger world of information technology.  As such, the opportunity to expand and improve the effectiveness of voice systems to meet unique business challenges has also grown.  Forerunner’s Software Development Division can provide application development, systems integration and other software development services to fine-tune functionality and potentially expand interaction between voice and information systems.  Among the areas where improved benefits have been realized”

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications – IVR applications provide automated service options to customers, co-workers, and professional partners. Applications are typically targeted at “routine and repetitive” tasks which the caller initiates without manual intervention.  This provides the caller 24/7/365 access without requiring contact center staffing or extended hours.  Commonly deployed IVR applications include:
    • Account Status, such as shipping, payments, pending orders.
    • Transaction Processing, such as on-line payments, moving funds between accounts, purchasing products.
    • Scheduling, such as of appointments and deliveries
    • Information, such as address, directions, hours of operation
    • Locator, of staff, products, rolling stock, office locations.
    • Staff Shift Assignments, for temporary and seasonal workers.
  • Systems Integration – Voice systems interaction and incorporation of information systems offers many opportunities to improve and expand customer service and other business functions, for example:
    • Reporting and Analytics – InForm Reports 360°has revolutionized contact center reporting. Starting from the basis of traditional reporting systems, voice data propagated in a library of fixed reports, InForm has evolved reporting through:
      • Expansion of data collection from voice-side only, to include data residing in any system, whether on the network or extant via the internet. All accessed data becomes part of the reporting database, owned, and managed by your business.  The reporting database can be parsed, disseminated, shared…as dictated by you.
      • On-Board Report Generator – InForm Reports 360°offers a desk-top report generator which can be used by contact center participants (agents and supervisors) but also by any interested party. Users need only a desktop environment, connected to the home network, with established permissions.  Each user can create reports from the ground up, defining report axes and selecting from any of the data criteria residing in the report database.  Reports can be created for individual users or shared with the larger community.  Real-time reporting includes a utility to create multi-criteria “alerts” to proactively monitor and report on contact center activity.  Alerts can also be created for individual or community use.  Notification of alert conditions utilizes available communications media such as email, voice messaging, texting, and desktop and wallboard display.
    • Web Site Application Integration – Web site access and communications has become a standard part of contact center operations. Visitors to the web site expect to talk or chat with agents while sharing web site screens.  Customer request initiated from the web site can be routed and prioritized for presentation to specific agents or groups.  Delivery of the “call” can include opening web pages and screen pop of customer or network-based information.
    • Screen Pop – Most contact center “calls” or transactions require access to customer, product, and other information. Utilizing customer information such as account number, billing number, etc., desktop screens may be populated in coordination with delivery of the call.
    • Omni Channel (Multi-Media) Communications – Contact centers may now incorporate communications media of their customers’ choosing. Voice, text, email, chat, are among these.  Contact center schemes can treat omni channel communications with the same flexibility of voice calls.
    • Peripheral Application Incorporation – Peripheral systems such as call recording, call accounting, and property management integration are often required in contact centers. Incorporation including integration with reporting and other sub-systems can be deployed.
    • Information Systems Update / Network Performance – The InForm Platform is deployed and acts as “middleware” between the voice and data worlds. Thus, the detailed data and activity collected by the reporting application has often been used to monitor and troubleshoot systems and network performance.
    • Customer Service – Incorporating automated services in conjunction with manual customer handling can optimize the customer service experience while containing costs. Access to customer information anywhere in the provider environment allows callers to complete multiple tasks on a single call whether initiated by the caller or prompted by the provider.
  • Maintenance and Managed Services – The power and flexibility of the InForm Platform present opportunities for optimization of systems and expansion into new, highly beneficial solutions. Forerunner offers support via annually renewing Maintenance Agreements or ongoing Managed Service arrangements.  Support may include remote and on-site resources.  User organizations may decide to support InForm internally via trained technicians, hired directly, or through an Agreement with Forerunner.
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After years of searching for a complete cloud solution to replace our on-Premise Phone system for our Call Center, without losing any features, Univerge Blue Connect and Engage has everything we needed and more. Setup was a breeze with support working on every aspect to get the system exactly how we wanted it before going live. The Flexibility it provides our users to be able to receive calls on up to 5 devices makes work from home less complicated with the same phone quality and operations of working onsite at our corporate offices.

Jon Fisher Director – IT Operations, Paul Fredrick

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