Forerunner Technologies Inc.: The Ultimate Consultant for the SMB Sector

Greetings, LinkedIn community! I’m Rick Taylor, Chief Revenue Officer at Forerunner Technologies Inc. Today, I’m excited to share why we are the ultimate consultant for the SMB sector. Join me on a journey through our commitment to understanding, listening, and delivering tailored solutions. 

Now, let’s dive deeper into real-world scenarios and understand why Forerunner Technologies Inc. is more than just a technology provider.

Understanding Market Segments: Tailoring Solutions for Success

  1. SMB Segment (Small Medium Business):

Focus on solution sales.
Prioritize understanding client problems and concerns.
Educate business owners about products and services.
Emphasize efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

  1. Enterprise Segment (500 users and over):

Engage in strategic discussions aligned with client initiatives and budgets.
Offer a diverse product portfolio to remain relevant.

  1. Strategic Segment:

Enhance current strategies and offer superior solutions.
Prioritize dovetailing into existing plans without disrupting strategic initiatives.

Real-World Scenarios: Tailored Solutions in Action

  1. SMB Scenario: Cloud Communication Education

Educated a small business owner on unified communications in the cloud.
Highlighted differences between cloud and premise-based solutions.
Result: Opted for a cloud-based solution, gaining better service and productivity.

  1. Enterprise Scenario: Agnostic Product Selection

Introduced various products agnostic to a company’s data infrastructure.
Result: Expanded from 35 to 250 contact center agents with a better-fitting Mitel CKS product.

  1. More Real-World Scenarios: Demonstrating Versatility

Strategic Scenario: Long-Term Vision Engagement
Engaging with clients with a 5–10 year plan.
Focus on enhancing current strategies without disrupting long-term plans.
Aim: Provide services and support aligned with strategic initiatives.

Your Trusted Partner in Success

At Forerunner Technologies Inc., our commitment transcends offering solutions. We believe in partnerships, understanding, and the power of listening. Whether you’re an SMB, an enterprise client, or a strategic partner, we’re here to support, guide, and ensure your success.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I look forward to the opportunity to work together and shape success stories.

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