Transforming Municipal Communication: A Cloud-Based Success Story


Hello, I am Bob Angrilla, the SMB Sales Manager at Forerunner Technologies. Today, I am thrilled to share a story that illustrates a significant stride in municipal communication made possible through our cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Customer Background:

The Town of Huntington’s Challenge

The town of Huntington enjoyed the benefits of a premise-based phone system that had served its purpose well over the years. However, like many municipalities, they began to experience the constraints of aging technology. Their call center application, the lifeline for residents seeking information, needed to be expanded in its capabilities, as it didn’t offer the automated and streamlined services that modern constituents have come to expect.

Challenge and Opportunity:

Navigating the Maze of Government Procurement

The path to modernization for the town of Huntington was with its obstacles. The most formidable challenge we encountered was aligning our advanced cloud solution with the procurement standards set by New York State’s Office of General Services (OGS). The OGS procurement vehicle is a lifeline for government entities, ensuring they can secure necessary technologies quickly and compliantly. Our initial dilemma was that the cloud solution our team had meticulously selected still needed to be added to the OGS list, which meant we had to think outside the box.

This predicament called for a dual-front approach: advocating for the inclusion of our solution on the OGS list and crafting a compelling case for Huntington to consider the merits of our cloud solution against traditional premise-based alternatives. The process was a tapestry of strategic planning, patience, and persistence. Our team worked diligently, navigating the intricacies of government procurement and advocating for the value and necessity of our cloud solution.

Solution Provided:

Crafting a Customized Cloud Experience

Our conviction was that Huntington deserved a solution that was not just a stopgap but a significant leap forward. We envisioned a cloud-based call center that was agile, robust, and capable of delivering an unparalleled level of service. The proposed system was a mosaic of innovative features – an omnichannel platform that would provide the town’s agents with the tools to engage constituents across various platforms seamlessly.

Beyond mere voice calls, this new system integrated email, chat, and social media interactions, thereby not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of a digitally savvy public. The solution promised to transform the call center into a nexus of communication, providing the agents with a comprehensive view of constituent interactions while enabling them to deliver personalized and efficient service.

Implementation and Results:

Engineering a Seamless Technological Transition

Implementing a new technology system, especially in the public sector, is akin to conducting an orchestra – every instrument must come in at the right time with the perfect pitch. The Forerunner Technologies team orchestrated the implementation process with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each phase of the transition harmoniously synchronized with Huntington’s daily operations.

We commenced with a detailed roadmap outlining the implementation in a step-by-step manner. Our approach was systematic – starting with a pilot program that allowed us to test and tweak the system in a controlled environment. This initial phase was crucial; it provided valuable insights and set the tone for the full-scale rollout. As we expanded the solution across additional locations, we were laser-focused on training and support, ensuring that every user was confident and competent in leveraging the new system.

The results spoke for themselves – the town’s call center transformed almost overnight. Where once there was hesitation, now there was confidence. The feedback from Huntington’s staff was overwhelmingly positive, with reports of improved efficiency and constituent satisfaction pouring in. The cloud solution not only met the immediate needs but also opened a pathway to future enhancements, promising a dynamic and adaptable communication infrastructure.

Expansion and Future Plans:

From Initial Success to Full-Scale Adoption

The success of the initial implementation set the stage for an even more ambitious project — adopting cloud solutions across all municipal operations. Our next steps involved deploying NEC Connect and Engage solutions to connect over 600 users and 35 call center agents, creating a cohesive, unified communication network.


Protecting Investments and Fostering Growth

The town of Huntington’s initial reservations about the cost and complexity of overhauling its communication system were valid. Yet, our solution protected their existing infrastructure investment, providing a scalable and robust platform designed for growth and adaptability.


Future-Proof Your Communication Today!

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