How Forerunner Technologies Upgraded Communication for Troy School District

Imagine a school district with 25 locations struggling with outdated communication infrastructure. That was the reality for Troy School District. Their legacy Short-Tel system, acquired by Mitel, was no longer meeting their needs. They needed a modern solution that ensured clear communication across the entire district, from classrooms to the main office.

The RFP Process:

Troy School District initiated a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, outlining their requirements for a state-of-the-art communication solution.  Industry giants like Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, and NEC were invited to participate. However, the district was open to other innovative solutions that met their specific criteria.

Key Requirements:

  • Survivability: All 25 locations needed to remain operational during network failures.
  • Dedicated Project Management: A dedicated project manager was crucial to oversee the installation and ensure a smooth transition.
  • Unified Messaging: Features like voicemail, auto attendant, conferencing, and Direct Inward Dialing (DID) were essential for efficient communication.
  • Emergency Services Integration: Seamless integration with 911 services was paramount for immediate response during emergencies.
  • Scalability and Redundancy: The system needed to accommodate at least 2,600 DIDs with the potential for growth, and robust redundancy layers to prevent downtime.

Forerunner Technologies Steps Up:

Forerunner Technologies Inc. saw an opportunity to provide a solution that addressed all of Troy School District’s needs.  Vinny Gagliardo, Director of Enterprise Sales, explains, “We analyzed the RFP requirements thoroughly and determined that the Mitel voice business enterprise platform was the ideal fit.”

Why Mitel?

The Mitel solution offered several advantages:

  • Simplified Migration: Transitioning from the existing Mitel system to the new platform would be straightforward.
  • Cost-Effective Licensing: Mitel’s all-inclusive licensing model meant most features were included, reducing overall costs.
  • Unmatched Redundancy: Mitel’s system offered up to four layers of redundancy, minimizing downtime in case of network issues.

Forerunner’s Tailored Solution:

Forerunner Technologies didn’t just propose a product; they designed a comprehensive solution:

  • Virtual Deployment: The main service center would leverage the district’s existing servers for a virtualized deployment, eliminating the need for additional hardware.
  • Resilient Network Design: Controllers at each site ensured uninterrupted communication. If a site experienced an issue, the system could seamlessly reroute calls to another location.
  • Scalability for Growth: The system was designed to accommodate future expansion as the district’s needs evolved.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Built-in self-diagnostics and alarms would constantly monitor the system and send alerts to Forerunner’s Network Operations Center (NOC) for any anomalies.

Trusted Support and Training:

Forerunner Technologies understood that ongoing support was critical for the success of the project.  They offered:

  • Certified Technicians: A team of certified technicians would ensure expert service and support.
  • Unlimited Support: The school district would have unlimited access to the NOC for troubleshooting and minor system configuration.
  • Empowering Training: Comprehensive training programs would empower district personnel to manage the system effectively.

A Winning Proposal:

Forerunner Technologies’ proposal resonated with Troy School District.  Vinny concludes, “Our Mitel-based solution, combined with our technical expertise and commitment to support, offered a compelling value proposition.  We are confident that this new communication system will serve the district well for years to come.”

This case study demonstrates how Forerunner Technologies can help educational institutions achieve their communication goals.  By understanding their unique needs and offering innovative solutions with exceptional support, Forerunner Technologies empowers schools to build a strong foundation for success.

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