Transforming School Technology Infrastructure: A Success Story with Convergent Technology Partners and Forerunner

A Blog Post by John Foster, President of Convergent Technology Partners

I’m excited to share a success story that embodies our commitment to advancing education through technology. I’m John Foster, President of Convergent Technology Partners, and this is the transformative journey we embarked on with Forerunner in Michigan’s Troy School District.

Challenges Overcome: A Technological Evolution

🏫 Troy School District, among Michigan’s largest, faced a critical challenge with its aging short-tail system. Enter Convergent Technology Partners, committed since 1990 to guiding educational institutions through technological evolution.

Strategic Approach: Precision and Alignment

Our approach is meticulous and tailored. Understanding the long-term objectives of our clients is paramount. For Troy Schools, it meant crafting precise bid specifications and overseeing the entire bid process, ensuring a perfect match with a technology provider.

Choosing the Right Partner: Forerunner Stands Out

The selection process was stringent, but Forerunner’s proposal stood out. Despite the geographical distance, their response was not only comprehensive but also competitively priced, convincing us to take the leap of faith.

Seamless Execution: Elevating Reputations

Forerunner’s team executed the project with exceptional proficiency. Feedback from Troy Schools confirmed it: the deployment was one of the smoothest they had experienced. As Forerunner delivered flawlessly, they inadvertently elevated our reputation for making informed, bold decisions.

Insights from Forerunner: A Nationwide Reach

Vinny Gagliardi of Forerunner highlighted their nationwide reach, local project management, and technically proficient team. Their robust Network Operations Center, with built-in redundancy, provided an extra layer of confidence — a key factor outlined in their proposal.

Looking Ahead: Reliability Beyond Deployment

Post-deployment support is where companies show their true colors, and Forerunner has proven their hues are reliable and bright. Their infrastructure promises continued excellence, and it’s why Convergent Technology Partners will look to recommend Forerunner’s services again.

For our colleagues navigating similar technological transformations, our partnership with Forerunner showcases the potential when the right elements align with an understanding, precision, and unwavering commitment to client success.

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